Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TNR June 3rd. Cinco by Cinco

The biggest question on the block is the lack of rider the past two weeks. Only 5 rode 20% of whom were women (Jenny). Dave K. towed the group on (for him) a recovery ride. The weather while cool and a little windy mirrored what we have had all spring. Note the following:
The 19th annual Tour de World.
Saturday June 7, 9:30 am start.
Neshota Park, 3 miles north of Denmark on County Highway T, turn onto Park Rd.
30 or 60 mile marked routes, maps available at the park. No sag or food stops. Bring your own picnic foods for after the ride, picnic in the park. Bring a friend to ride with.
Also check out the following link. This is my worst nightmare and why it is important to maintain line integrity and to keep your eyes open.,2933,362147,00.html

We go again next Tuesday at 5:25pm. Steve promises 81 degrees and sun, really!


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