Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TNR July 22nd. Tri'in times and beefcakes

A nice bunch enjoyed superbe weather with modest winds as they headed east to Valley Road to complete a 60k circuit. Included in the group were the famous Metzger duo fresh from a stellar day at the Door County Half Ironman on Sun. See for info. Our own Keelan pulled off a stunning 5:00 hour performance with Deb turning a 3rd in her age class outing. Note the photo of Jeff "beefcake" Metzger. Next week we ride at 5:23pm as we are just starting to see our days shorten a touch. 24/9 is also coming up, time to get the lights out and start test cycling them.

Check out Chris on his new ride........sweet! Lastly, Jon says Fruit Punch Sport Beans are just too good. Get out, ride but as always SO2.

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