Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BOT Nov. 18th Bound Like a Buck

Just when you thought it could not get any harder Mr. Lenz up’s the ante by doing pushups between reps. Not to be outdone Matt joins him while wearing shorts and a tee shirt (it’s 27 degrees and the ground is frozen for Pete’s sake). Not liking the gauntlet of challenge being thrown at his size 11’s Roy decides to do five reps during the Lactate interval dragging Lenz and Metzger with him. Testosterone does strange things to a man….of course it is the rutting season.

Twenty one bounders warmed the hill with a spicy variety of bounds. We added several new twists to the mix including some jump skate action which was pretty hard but not as hard as what these guys do. Watch the leaders as they climb the short steep climb in the middle of the race. Notice the coiled power and aggressive stance and of course high tempo. Wow indeed.

The coldest day of the season had little effect as things warmed quickly and we started hearing a little serious breathing in the still night air. The efforts are ramping up with a noticeable quickening of the pace. That is perfect as when we do get on snow there is typically an abrupt slowing of the pace as you get your ski legs back.

There is snow in the UP with both Valley Spur and ABR and Wolverine grooming. They had almost a foot with more still coming down. See in their trail reports section. We are closing in on Birkie Training Class XVI Dec. 9th with a few slots still open, see for signup.

I like the way things are coming together. It almost looks planned! Speed is up and technical errors are down. What a great world. Note that Green Bay will close the gate to the hill in the next few weeks (they worry about vandals sliding into things after getting all lit up on the wacky tobaccy) but we keep going until there is snow on the ground. If in doubt call In Comp. You will have to park at the bottom of the access road but we do it every year. Good effort. Be sure and watch Fox 11 Friday morning GDW. Next week 5:27 pm.

Please note the the Ashwaubenon Ski Team is looking for your old ski gear. They have a lot of kids and can use any old skate or classic gear that you have laying around. I can collect it for them so don't let it go to waste. We need big sizes in everything as they grow 'em bigger and faster in Ashwaubenon. Thanks.

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