Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hillbounding Oct. 20 Got the Fever

Ignoring the mist, 23 athletes got a solid dose of the hill during week five of bounding. While the weather does not like us (we are 50% on the wet stuff) the conditions were actually quite nice once started. We did pick up the pace considerably as the focus tonight was speed and acceleration. The effort was strong despite some who were a little under the weather. It pays to be careful what with all the plague running around us now. Dry clothes and hand cleanser help buckets; remember you cannot train while sick in bed.

I think that the technique side of things is coming along. It appears that most are coming to understand what is expected, although technique does seem to suffer when tired. That is why we train. The weight/hip forward position can be seen regularly but we can go farther and more consistantly. Exaggeration during training is important as you rarely achieve perfection when tired. Our “tucks” are an example, I doubt that anyone gets as low as we do in training but imagine if we did not do it…..voila, the famed Ernst Resting Tuck……….and we would not want that! The photos tonight turned out so-so but cop a look anyway at

Steve sent in his HRM strip (click on them to expand the images) Note how the leading edge of each effort raises the heart rate quickly yet it takes longer to subside (trailing line). You can push harder if you know you have enough time for recovery but the recovery takes longer with time or repeated efforts. This is an expanded image and you can see the difference in the recovery time to the time it takes to get to the kill zone. Steve broke the strip to get more detail into it, nice.

It was the best physical effort of the year and most are now convinced that speed is harder than time. When pushed to the edge the body rebels, it sometimes is good to push back a little. Well done on the lactate interval but remember that you still need to be skiing, not running. We will see you next week at 5:26pm with no rain, promise! If you feel ill this will make you better; especially with a shot of

As an FYI there is a one time showing of the Race Across the Sky at Baypark Cinema Thursday night. See the trailer from this year races when Lance won the event

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