Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Birkie Class 1-12-10 Ahhh Grasshopper

What a night. There were glimpses of awareness followed by total collapse. I think back to my early days at the Shaolin Temple were I learned that pain is only for those who know not how to clench and to move forward you must first remove that which hold you back (facilitated stretch again) but hey….I digress. Technically speaking almost everyone knows right from wrong and can demonstrate good control, until tired that is. Another Ernst Rule of Law (ERL) states that your best technique sucks when tired [paraphrased here] so if you practice sloppy so too will you when tired, only more so. That is one viscous cycle. As you get tired your technique breaks down and you get more tired and on and on until collapse. GOOD TECHNIQUE SAVES ENERGY. Simple things like hand posture absolutely do carry outside on snow. This is the time to make perfect so that when skiing it becomes permanent.
Now: The snow is good. Skiing is fast, temps are moderate, and this should be a high hour ski week. There are no races (big) so there is no excuse not to do one or even two OD workouts this week. Hydrate, wax and ski and sleep.
· For those who want the blood lactate testing you should schedule with Todd Bruss at Aurora 920-288-4700.
· Wax Clinic this Wed (today) at InComp at 6:00pm sharp!
· To see Bay Nordic Youth Group Photo’s session two go to and check out Steve Hoffman’s site.
· Check out the new Swix Pole on , that can’t be cheap.

Check out the photo’s including the one of the steep uphill, no medial collapse there. Just will it to be that way! Steves HRM strip is showing signs of fatique, he needs a nap. Also note one of Erick's best shots of Joram and his shadow Steve. We step out at 6:02 next week and as I told my 8/9 year old Bay Nordic Group this weekend “Look Sharp”.

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