Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TNR Aug. 31st Rain Rain, It did stay away.

The predicted storms never materialized (go figure, a weather forecast that was wrong) but only 7 riders showed up for what turned out to be a warm and dry ride. The Rendezvous loop was finished comfortably before dark. These are the days to cherish riding as we have peak fitness and great weather. Remember that next April when it is lousy out, those are the days to go for a run or swim, now it’s time to ride.

A few quick updates:
The Cloverleaf Triathlon is this weekend. A smaller but fun event.

The Door County Century and the Wisconsin Ironman are just two weeks out. For DCC riders now is the time to tune up. For IMW folks it is time to stay loose and R E L A X. and

The Fat Tire is coming with a new BIG TENT. Check it out at

We are seeing a lot of “flooded” bikes from Ore to Shore and the wet summer in general. Aluminum and Carbon frames do not rust…but everything else does!! Get those bearings, headset and BB opened up and lubed. We know exactly how much they cost to replace….and so will you if they are ignored.

Hillbounding 2010 starts September 21st at 5:30pm At the Bairds Creek Ski Hill. We have lights and I will have some extra poles. Short (to the armpit length) poles with straps are preferred. This is an evil and wicked workout but we do stay together. Bring bottles, dry clothes and a friend. We will have a soft start but be ready with a little advanced poling and striding. After nine months off I don’t remember it being that bad. I’m sure that first rep up the hill will snap me back to reality.

Keep Riding, enjoy summer and SO2

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