Thursday, January 5, 2012

Birkie Class Jan. 3 Wanted: SNOW

Hey, does anyone have a couple of these parked in your garage?? January 5th and no snow. What gives! That said there is snow but it involves driving. How far depends on how good the skiing you want. The UP has great snow now with the Keweenaw being the best. Houghton was great last week before they received 10" By the way did I mention skiing on snow is not like running, biking or even rollerskiing. My quads are still sore. The lakes north of highway 64 are skiable and most trails north of highway 8 are good to better. This is where being in a group is advantageous; get a few friends, pile into the rig and OD on some Northern snow. A three hour session will feel like 5 but after two days you will remember why we do this. is posting trail reports, be sure and look there (with envy).

Tuesday night went alright. I saw serious sweating and lots of pained expressions, you guys are such kidders, I almost believed it was hard. You may realize that with time things get easier. I am pleased that we have increased the duration and intensity of the workouts, all with less recovery, good signs. Use Tuesday nights for your strength component and as a tool for improved balance and timing. HOMEWORK: I am serious about the wood. Balance is huge and we all have room to improve on that score. Next week I would like to have a 30 minute continual aerobic segment. Get hydrated and put your focus caps on.

Their here! At last the jackets have arrived and we have them here at the store if you want to get them early otherwise I will be bring them next week. They are all labeled with your name so just as if you are by. Meanwhile keep up the snow dance and a couple reminders. Bay Nordic member’s note that this weekends session has been postponed (no snow, no choice) and that we have a waxing clinic on Wed. Jan 11th. See our homepage for details
Nice workout this week. Now do some scouting, make some calls to friends and get on some snow. See you next week.

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