Tuesday, September 16, 2008

TNR for Sept 16th Cool Dudes.

Cool fall weather has joined us now. It was 41 degrees this morning and sunny and nice this afternoon. A small group ventured out but I sense a lot of post season lackluster as riders, who after a long season are backing off their ride schedule and looking ahead to ski season. The last few weekends also had the Ironman, Fat Tire Fest, Door County Century, Wolfman Tri and a host of other events that have trimmed the sails of a lot of riders.

Next week Tues. we start Hillbounding at Bairds Creek (see next post) and everyone is welcome and for those non skiers the TNR will continue as long as there is interest.

For me it was a long summer. I got to send off the rides but the actual effort was more than this 98 year old guy can do. My riding was almost all by myself at speeds that never had people looking over their shoulder for me. I know now how much one can miss what was taken away. I think of that when I hear folks talk about being too tired or busy. You defiantly miss it more when you cannot have it so don't take it for granted. A lousy day riding is better than any day doing something you don't like.

I am open to suggestions to grow the TNR next year. Group riding is so fun, so powerful that everyone should get to do it. We have talked about motor paced rides, women's rides, morning rides or popcorn rides. Let me know, I certainly have no monopoly on good ideas.

The season is certainly not over and I expect many will ride deep into the new year. I admire those that do it every day. Their motivation must be something more than just savings on a gas card. I hope everyone can find their own reason to SO2 (Stay on Two).


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