Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birkie Class Dec. 15th Let them Eat Cake

Week two and all went well…… the creaky joints this morning. For some the night was a shock and for others a piece of cake. Personally I like chocolate but it will have to do.

I think that our focus on some technical fundamentals will pay off. I am absolutely certain that what you look like in class, on a hill or skiing is the same. A technical mistake made in class will be repeated on snow and while the motor is important they [motors] are a dime a dozen and it is technical efficiency that separates good from average skiers. So, the good and bad news? There are lots of mistakes being made [bad] but that means we also have lots of ways to improve [positive affirmation].

I have a lot of links to go to and things to look at. Consider it part of your homework in addition to the “meet the mirror” sessions you will all be doing with glee. a great drill video for all levels. Bay Nordic Youth Group photos and more (really cool for kids) World Cup shots. Look for compression, POOF and the forward shin angle. for trail reports and more

With the advancing cold weather the evil blue and green waxes are coming out. These are cold temp with high temp application methods. Cold waxes work great and are vital to skiing but are probably the root cause of most of the base damage we see. Make sure you “pre-wax” your skis with a softer warmer wax before using the cold stuff. This lubricates the base and will help minimize damage. As always move the iron fast and scrape little and brush more. We have some wax clinics scheduled see http://www.incompetition/ for details

The night went well. We are scheduled to start Lactate Testing in the next week but it will take several weeks to get it all done. We will do one at a time and you will miss a few minutes of class… sure it’s during dips.
The efforts will become more consistent as we work through some technical issues and get more fluid. Please note that we start at 5:57pm (5:45pm for any doctors in the group). Have fun skiing and do your mirror work. Check out the smile on Ingred, that's worth a thousand dips.

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