Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Last Word

What a difference a few months can make as Mr. T Terriffic shows in this hillbounding and Birkie finish shot. All the work, all the effort pays off. As I write this a snowstorm is blowing, typical of March, the heavy wet snow won't last but it will extend our ski season a few more weeks and that is the whole point of this letter.

We trained a lot just to ski and while skiing is good that is exactly what I would do. We have a lot of folks chomping at the bit to get out there and bike, run or swim but I say "what's the rush", there is snow. Every year come August we see riders, runners or triathletes who after a great summer are burning out. Just when you are hitting peak fitness, when the temps are great and the dog days of summer are upon us we feel lackluster to take advantage of it. Why? I think it's because you started too early. It takes a lot of motivation to get out and ride at 34 F, it's freekin' cold out when your on a bike, skiing at 34 F is balmy, the only issue is that you may get too warm. Think about it, if on August 21st a cold front went through and the temps dropped to 39 degrees, how many folks would suit up for a swim or a bike. Do you think the YMCA treadmills would be full? Yet on a March morning with salt on the roads, wind and four degrees above freezing I see the whole Preble track team out running in shorts, some without shirts!

So, now, what's the point here. The point is go out and ski while it is nice. Get out and ski when you don't have to wear your whole closet to get out the door. Go ski....while you can. Summer will come and the Easter Racers will have peaked and you will still be reveling in the heat of summer.

A couple of notes. The Tuesday Night Rides (TNR) will officially start in the first week of April, hopefully it will be warm. I plan to continue this running diatribe but without the reminder. Deb has been putting out a monthly or more newsletter to which I will glom onto and into. If you don't get it be sure and sign up at http://http//

Be sure and check out the video from the World Championships in last week Homenkollen. http://http// has a bunch linked in. The 50K finish is spectacular, even in my dreams (and they are pretty good) can I imagine 100,000 people screaming my name.

I really want to have a summer get together at Neshota Beach in 2Rivers to do a little water running, fun and sun. Nothing like a 90F day to go to the lake. Keep bugging me about that. It's been a great season and you make me feel good about next year. The Bay Nordic Club is booming, I would encourage everyone with kids or not to be a part of it. The Nordic Lifestyle is much more than just skiing. One last thing, we have had three good snow years in a row now but I never forget the crummy ones. http://http// is the site of Elm Creek Ski trails over by MPLS. This trail not only offers convenient skiing to a metropolitan community but it opens up the social aspect of skiing. The man-made loops are a boon to the MN skier. They have ski leagues, rentals and even schools using the venue. I have a dream that some day we will have something like that. If you think about it what a great facility for our kids (and us). I even envision cross country running and snowshoe events held at a place like this. I have this plan if any of you have an extra 1.27 million laying around (that includes the endowment!) talk to me, I'll be on the trails.

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