Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hillbounding Oct. 18th 2011 The Rush is On.

The hill was jumping last night as a few dozen skiers (and a gaggle of kids) had a tough session. We probably got more out of this night as recovery times were reduced, speeds increased and technique was held together. A few notes about technique.

Last night we hit on the idea of “completing the stroke” Note Ivan in the photo above. The dynamic image shows not only a big push but a strong finish to the stroke (at the end of the Birkie no less!) These are ideas that you can do on a stroke by stroke basis. You will not only ski faster/better it is a lot of fun. It is almost as though you are flying.

The term spatial awareness get tossed around a lot (well, not a lot) and for skiers it really helps to be able to see yourself in the third person, that is as someone else sees you. The visual clues one “see’s” (hands, feet, legs) are just a small part of the picture. I am certain that the best skiers (athlete’s?) can see themselves much like watching a video and make corrections to adapt to the situation. The question for you is this; Are you seeing what you look like or are you seeing what you think you look like?

Skiing in groups is wholly beneficial and it showed last night. There not only is this push/pull reaction but a technical adaptation or response to the situation. It looked good, expect more.

Overall it was a great night. It was fun (for me anyway) to watch a big effort with some actual racing going on at the end. That is why group workouts are so cool; you never would do that or go that hard on your own. Check out Steve's HRM from last October to this years. He is pushing back time. Note the recovery line ( the time it takes to recover from a effort vs the time it takes to accelerate the pulse) See the steep acceleration against the longer recovery, neat. It means what everyone already knows, it is harder to recover when tired, older or when technique breaks down. Steve does a pretty good job denying all three.

Next week at 5:24pm we round up the doggies, it will be fun.

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