Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hillbounding Nov. 8 No Rest for the Weary

By now most skiers know that we are not weather sensitive, that is, we go till snow. One must remember the sport weather rules. When biking subtract 15 degrees from the temperature. When running add 15 degrees, when skiing add 20 degrees and when hillbounding add 30
degrees.... to the “feel like” temperature.

15 skiers (four in shorts) found out that cold, wet and wind is no match for the heat generating
capabilities of hillbounding. The rain missed us totally and the soft wet grass made
for perfect gliding. The smaller and motivated group averaged a rep cycle every
two minutes which was stellar. There was a noticeable uptick in respiring rates
as recovery times dropped. The steamy breaths made it look like a herd of musk
ox being chased by a wolf. (Good visual).

Pole control is coming along as expected at week eight.

Note that next week the park “officially” closes at dusk. The gate MAY
be locked in which case we park at the bottom away from the gate and off to the
side, just as in years past. Snow is forecasted but is just a tease although
there is man made snow to ski on already in the Midwest
and snow is found in the west already
has trail reports up already. This is the peak training hour month so when the
weather is bad double your effort, the hardest part is getting out the door.
Meanwhile if you’re under 25 this can help? ...but I doubt it.

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