Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birkie Class 1-31-2012 Busting Guts

Recovery took a little longer for the Noque crowd last night or so it seemed. I noticed
more sweating, heard more breathing and as always I “felt” your pain.
We have a lot of homework this week as we ramp up for our final three weeks of training.
First you need to watch
Watch specifically for the triceps and the LOW foot/ski carry. These girls are
technically awesome and they STILL do specific technique work……mmmmmm, cause
and effect perhaps?
2nd you should look at this world cup sprint start to see an example of a weight
forward position. You may not ski like that (I do) often but forward is better
than backwards.
3rd you need to get out there and do something. Snow and trails are day to day, minute by minute but find it. is reporting good snow with tracks! Most
trails north of highway 8. Are in good shape, find a friend and then find a
trail. See for more info and race updates.
Lastly we will be stonegrinding tomorrow morning. If your skis are bad this is a good
time to get it done before the Birkie. If your scrapers are dull we can sharpen
them but we need them early. We say adieu to Todd Rosvald (inspiration for the
TOD, Technique Over Distance workout) who is moving to Southern MN (part of a
plea agreement) to start a new job selling corn as the Korn Czar of MN. Kudo’s
to Tim McCoy for his finishing the Vuelta PR last week, if you can’t ski this is a close 2nd. And congrats to all that finished the Noque. Take this POSITIVE from that race. The times (despite the lousy year we are having) are not far off what is
normal. Technique matters, especially yours!
Check out yours truly above trying (looking older than usual) on the AlterG Treadmill last night This is very cool with applications from rehab to weight loss. Thanks to Corey for letting me try it. Very neat. ….and
remember when the going gets tough...say what the man says to the wolf….

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