Thursday, April 17, 2008

Soft Start 2008 TNR 4/14/08

Like swallows returning to Capastrano the riders have returned to the TNR. Spring returned just in time as well as temps reached the 50’s as 20 riders pushed off into 20 knot winds on the inaugural ride of 2008. The bunch rolled out the traditional Luxemburg route taking the Mercier cut to Gravel Pit and Bayshore before turning in on the homeward leg down Nicolet for a 50km circuit. Since no one was extolling their fitness virtues and that at least for the first several weeks the pace should be soft and controlled it stayed mostly together until the return leg when headwinds, pace, winter legs and festering ego’s strung it out and shelled a few. A few longer pulls at the front should cure that nicely.

A few notes:
· We roll out at 5:30pm with the ride brief at 5:20pm, Central time, not P&G time.
· Next week is expected to be warm but dress appropriately.
· Bring spares. Know what they call riders without extra tubes? Answer: Pedestrian… will be walking.
· I should have a ride map posted by Monday via the Mapmyride wesite. Pretty cool.
· This is a PACE RIDE. If you need to exceed the pace of the group this is probably not your ride. If you remember anything remember this: It is only a group if it stays as a group. You can ride alone all by yourself. Think about that.
· We will discuss what an echelon really is.

Todd reports that he got a call from 1974 and they want Bill S’s wool outfit back. Save a sheep.

Good to be back. I hope your sore butts will remind you to get out more often and we will see you next week.

Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and say’s Dam!

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