Friday, April 18, 2008

TNR deux

Surprisingly, everyone took it very easy all the way to Bay Shore park. With the tail winds on Michaels Road (also known as Mercier?) We were almost coasting. I was surprised when a small group did the park hill. With only about 50 miles on my legs so far this season, I sat out the hill interval. But one of my pet peeves about the ride lately has been that the riders who skip the hill take off without waiting for the rest of the group. Therefore, I waited at the top. That turned out to be a mistake as I got shelled somewhere around eagles nest. That hill is a tremendous opportunity to build strength and power. But if challenging oneself in a lactate interval results in the additional punishment of riding home alone, why bother with a group ride? If the riders who skip the hill would wait, Those who elect to do the hill, but can't keep up to the strongest riders in the group would be assured that they'll have a group to help them home. Getting more riders to participate will involve intelligent ride logistics so that everyone can challenge themselves without fear of dire consequences.Steve

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