Wednesday, April 23, 2008

TNR 4-22-08 Ride and more

The rain had passed over and 22 riders were greeted with warming temps and more moderate winds. The only casualty was a jammed chain early that required a crank removal. Two groups split up at the 50 km turn (Mercier) and the rest heading to Rendezvous Road and then a trip into Bayshore after little side trip into Dykesville but the strong legged but lost junior contingent who had mid season legs compared to the rest of the group. Bill S. led the pasty white leg group straight into Bayshore and the group came back together on Nicolet.

The ride started on time (yahoo) with most riders ready to go. That is going to help as we start going longer. We had our 1st woman join us (Jennifer) who also has the legs of June already. Note in a later post today about the upcoming women’s only ride. No evil men.

I noted a wide disparity in the kits folks wore last night. Raw jersey’s to winter garb. The sweaty guys guessed wrong.

Sounded like a good ride. Send informed comments in. We meet at 5:25pm next week.

If you are a scofflaw you will like this. ROMS 2008. Give back the night.
More info to follow.

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