Tuesday, April 29, 2008

TNR 4/29/08 Balaclava is not Greek Pastry

TNR for April 29th.

Cool 40 degree temps with moderate winds from the SSW kept the group size to 17 cold hardened riders. Carl and Sue brought out the 1st tandem in recent memory and instantly warmed the effort 10 degrees! Everyone likes a tandem when they are in front of them. Note the "racing panniers".
Heading East for the 50km Bay shore route the group picked up a rider or two en route. History was made as three riders flatted, all on the same piece of metal left in the road. After a pit stop the bunch reformed and completed the ride intact and without further incident. The cold was showing on the cheeks of those without face protection but the long forecast is for temps next week to be in the 60-70 range, at last.
The weather this "Sprinter" (winter/spring get it?) has been a little nasty but it seems that we are finally turning the corner but it could be worse. Check out the photo from MN yesterday http://www.skinnyski.com/trails/photos2008/maplelag/apr29-01.jpg We roll again next week at 5:25 pm. I predict NO TIGHTS.

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